Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Carry all sorts of gear, greatly reducing the amount of gear you have to carry. Goats can easily carry 20% – 30% of their body weight in saddles and gear  (a 200 lbs. goat can readily carry 50 lbs.) 
  • Form close bonds with humans and easily follow you anywhere, on or off-lead 
  • Relatively easy to train and easily handled by people of all ages and abilities 
  • Less expensive to own and operate than other pack animals 
  • Well-suited to No Trace Camping practices
  • Manage rougher terrain better than other pack animals 
  • Browse on the trail reducing or eliminating the need for extra feed 
  • Do not chase wildlife and don’t intimidate game as much as other pack animals 
  • They are lovable and friendly and make great heaters on a cold night


  • As with any animal, a certain amount of daily care and attention is required to keep goats (get disciplined) 
  • Initial start-up expenses may be quite high (but not as high as with other pack animals) 
  • Zoning regulations may limit your ability to keep goats in your backyard (move) 
  • Goats are happiest when they have company. You should consider keeping more than one or keep them with other animals


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